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Welcome to Smokey Mountain Coffee!
~ Delivering the Fresh Roasted Difference!

Coffee.  It's seen as many things to many people.  It's that first "cup of joe" in the morning that gets you up and moving.  It's that drink that helps you stay up late when you need an extra boost of energy to get through a long project.  We see coffee as being much more than that.  At Smokey Mountain Coffee, we want you to see coffee as a relationship.  

When you drink Smokey Mountain Coffee we want you to  . . .

...Sit and reflect on your life and the things going on in your day
...Be quiet and talk to God
...Sit with your loved one and enjoy one another's company
...Sit with a group of friends and share your life with them

When you drink Smokey Mountain Coffee, you are not only drinking the best fresh roasted coffee you can find, but we hope you take the time to sit back by yourself or with loved ones or friends and connect.  So, brew yourself a pot of Smokey Mountain Coffee and see the difference that it can make. 


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Smokey Mountain Sunrise - Breakfast Blend
Whole Bean or Ground
Costa Rican
Whole Bean or Ground
Columbian Supremo
Whole Bean or Ground
Kenya AA
Whole Bean or Ground
Tanzania Peaberry
Whole Bean or Ground